New Ubuntu for Phones Will Be Usable at the End of May

Sara Cunningham May 12, 2013 0
New Ubuntu for Phones Will Be Usable at the End of May

The Ubuntu Touch for the Phones will be functional for daily use by the end of May. This was announced by Rick Spencer, the Director of Ubuntu Engineering. He also argued that the progression will be accelerated when the people are using others, other than the software.   From the perspective of the Reg, it sounds taller in order. When experts installed the developer preview on tablet Nexus 7 in February, the mocked up demo is what they found.

Most of the apps of preinstalled were just a placeholder of icons, and the functionality which has been carried out was bare-bones. The data networking was feasible over WI-Fi solely. The media player and the camera didn’t work. Even the browser appeared amateurish, without the support for the bookmarks. To this end, the Spencer’s team, and some others within the Canonical team, will aim to ensure that the key task of the day phone experience will be working on time.

New Ubuntu for Phones Will Be Usable at the End of May 2

So, What Is the Useable State Aimed for?

  • Capacity to receive and make text messages and calls
  • Browse the internet via WiFi and 3G 
  • Ability to edit, add and import contacts 
  • Capability to notify the phone without losing data
  • Working immediacy sensors for screen dimming

The Phone Experience

These parts and areas of the phone experience will permit developers to work on smoothly, as well as take pleasure from those progressing apps. To get the right solution, Spencer state that they love to get a version of Smartphone of Ubuntu in a condition where he and the rest of the Ubuntu teams can make use as their daily walk-around phones.  Moreover, Spencer would love to implement the measures, hoping at the end of the month.  If you think about it, it is not to say that Spencer is expected to get Ubuntu on polished platforms, par mature such as an iOS and Android in just a matter of weeks.  Rather, he will set some sort of short list in modest, yet feasible goals. According to him, if the team will achieve the whole thing, at least some will start feeding Ubuntu by utilizing as their daily phone OS.

The Realistic Statement

According to Spencer, still there are ample of features missing. There are things to be considered. The experts are helping hand in hand to enumerate and identify a certain list. But, why do you bother? You should be bothered because Ubuntu is a good one, and a new version should be implemented.

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