Verizon Gets Nokia Lumia 928, the New Windows Phone

Sara Cunningham May 13, 2013 0
Verizon Gets Nokia Lumia 928, the New Windows Phone

You have been waiting for so long and you have been asking for it! Thank the experts for this, The Nokia Lumia 928, which is the most modern art of the most innovative and advanced Smartphone solely for Verizon Wireless. This will be the biggest break for both the carrier and the Smartphone Company. The Nokia Lumia 928 will be the latest instalment of the line-up in Windows Phone 8 and will be capable of everything the consumers and users’ needs.

Imaging Is the Ruler

The Nokia Lumia 928 will be featured as the most powerful imaging PureView technology, that includes the Optical Image Stabilization, which is easy to detain blur-free videos and pictures every time, even in the low-light. Along with this OIS, the feature of Nokia Lumia 928 is a Carl Zeiss lens and the photo buffs will love a xenon flash.

Verizon Gets Nokia Lumia 928, the New Windows Phone 2

Noise will be the Queen

To go along with these stunning imaging capacities of the Nokia Lumia 928, it will be a built in 3 microphones high-audio-amplitude-capture to ensure that users can capture distortion-free audio and high-end even in the loudest environments. It does not matter if you are at a rock concert, summer party, or monster truck rally, you will have the most excellent audio possible with the Nokia Lumia 928. Let us be thankful to these first-class performance microphones that will record the sound distortion-free and naturally, up to the 140db.

Spectacular Design

Nokia Lumia 928 is assembled to carry out, but it’s also been a pleasure to hold. The Nokia Lumia 928 fronts are conquered by an OLED 4.5-inch display covered by the Gorilla Glass that will be an extension all the way to the border of the phone, bringing a feel of its quality. This phone is ideal for the summer since the screen is effortlessly readable, despite the bright sunlight and the touch screen that works despite the fact that your fingertips will be covered up. For added expediency, the features of Nokia Lumia 928 wireless charging built-in.

The Exclusivity of Nokia will Experience Built-in

The services and software that make the Nokia Lumia an exceptional Smartphone are incorporated out of the box along with the Nokia Lumia 928. At the outset, the suite will bring an instinctive location service that certifies you are never wondering what to do when you are in a new city. Looking for several tunes to catch your groove on? The features of Nokia Music will be an unlimited streaming of free music playlists to be taken offline.

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