Update: New Orders Placed Online for 128 GB Microsoft Surface Pro to Ship

Heidi Speare February 17, 2013 0


We recently published a news story on the sell-out and upcoming availability of the Microsoft Surface Pro, as demand increases for the hybrid tablet Microsoft has now reported updates for individuals anticipating the Surface Pro 128 GB version.



As of yesterday, the official Microsoft blog stated that consumers wishing to purchase the Microsoft Surface Pro 128 GB via the online store may submit their order and have their Surface Pro shipped in 2-3 weeks from the time the online order is placed.

In addition to this information for online purchasers, individuals wishing to reserve their Microsoft Surface Pro can now do so (before there was no option to pre-reserve the tablet hybrid.)

Here is current status on the availability of the Microsoft Surface Pro at Best Buy & Staples:

The recent complaints about not having enough stock of the Microsoft Surface pro (64GB and 128GB) that have plagued Best Buy stores have instigated the electronics retailer to increase their inventory. If by some chance a Best Buy Chain store does not have any Pros in stock, Best Buy is providing its customers with the option of reserving the model. However, there is still the odds that even the amount of reserves can become limited as Best Buy is only placing reserve status on the models that will be using as inventory.

As for office supply store Staples, there are a few of them that have an inventory of 64GB Surface Pro tablets in stock. If Staples happens to be “sold out”, then an in store purchase can ensue with  the 64GB having the option of home delivery by shipment. In addition, the majority of Staples stores will not keep stock of the 128GB version of the Surface Pros, instead consumers are urged to order theirs through the Staple’s online website store.

Microsoft included this in their blog update concluding with:

“We are working around the clock to meet the demand with production and get new inventory into the retail stores that will carry the Microsoft Surface Pros.”

Previously this week, Online Gadget Store reported that Microsoft Surface Pro restock would begin on February 16, however in light of the shortage dilemma of the Microsoft Surface Pros- Microsoft officials are urging consumers to call before going out to purchase their Pros through retailers.

It is still a very big mystery as to why there was such a shortage of the tablets, however now perhaps when the next version of the Microsoft Surface tablet is launched they will have dotted their i’s and crossed their t’s- and be thoroughly prepared for whatever demand ensues after this horrific oversight on their part.

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