What Should People Expect in Google I/O in 2013

Sara Cunningham May 13, 2013 0
What Should People Expect in Google I/O in 2013

On May 15 to 17, the conference runs and will hopefully carry ample goodies for Android consumers. Given that there are some questions that will be announced and will be shown, experts know that the Google will be running a lot of things slightly poles apart this year. The schedule of Google I/O was released earlier and it will be shown on just one keynote. The keynote will be operating for a few hours in the May 15th morning and will be focused on immediate attention. The team of Android Community will be on-site to provide you the most recent release of Google I/O 2013 app.


The ingress topic is not often discussed in this matter. For those that are not familiar, the Ingress is practical game that has the user running and operating in the real world. With Ingress, you will travel around exploring the foundations of the mysterious energy and collecting specific objects. Therefore, Ingress is not difficult to play, but it is fairly time consuming. Credibly, the toughest part of the game is to get started. Starting from the beginning, you have to pick your side and make a decision. This is if you want to be with the Resistance or the Enlightened. In spite of the general deficient of chatter though, it will appear if Google has planned something big for this year.

What Should People Expect in Google IO in 2013 2

Game Center

Game Center will be an additional electrifying announcement this year. However, there are some speculations behind the release of Google along these lines. There will be an additional game features and the latest upgrades this year.

Google Now

Google Now will remain a frequently discussed topic, thus users will be anticipating seeing ample of discussions next week. Recently, Google released Now for the iOS and will be based on a recent discussion from Larry Page. The Google Now should be expected as a big part of Android 4.3.

Google Babel

Babel must be another topic to be discussed. The details will come to leak up until the certain point in time, however it looks like this will be a joined messaging service.

Bottom line of these discussions, we have seen a lot in these past years, it seems as if the Google I/O will be full of excitements this year. The innovation and advancement of technology have driven Google to keep up. The team of Android Community will be on-site with its latest coverage.

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