The New Trends of HTC One and Galaxy S4: Facebook Home App

Sara Cunningham May 13, 2013 0
The New Trends of HTC One and Galaxy S4: Facebook Home App

Without trumpet blast, the Facebook has added an official support for Home to one of the giant company, the HTC One, while concurrently adding “informal” support for the other devices and that includes the Galaxy S4. The extra Smartphone support has always been a part of an updated primary Facebook app, according to the Android Central. When the giant social media company first announced a month ago with regards of their service, the Facebook Home was believed to launch on numerous devices, however fell quite short.

The Feeling of Facebook Skin

Users of the brand new HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 flagship Android handsets will be able to enjoy the good news. This is to get a taste on the way how the mobile devices feel the Facebook skin. The Home launcher of Facebook is totally suitable and the apps are currently available to the top handsets from Google-based.

On Friday, the Facebook wordlessly added a Home support designed for the Galaxy S4 and HTC One by permitting the users of the major Facebook app to pick an option of ‘Use Home Anyway’ in the settings.  This has been confirmed by the social network ever since. Android Central has also reported that, the big company, Sony Xperia ZL has also been permitted, because the company seeks to flawlessly keep downloads streaming.

The New Trends of HTC One and Galaxy S4 Facebook Home App 2

The Availability

The extensive accessibility has brought the total to eight devices, subsequent its first appearance on the Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X plus, HTC One X, and the devoted HTC First handset. The Facebook has announced the inclusion of a Cover Feed that continuously updates with photos and statuses from your friends. The messaging platform of chat heads, had reached millions of downloads. This was announced just yesterday.

In spite of the positive spin in the social network, that is a dreadfully low count considering the gigantic user base of the company. This also does not account for those owners who may have uninstalled and installed the app after taking a test drive. The Facebook Home is suffering even just 2 stars on the Google Play store, while there is quite a little demand from the Android users to roll out to their mobile device. In another blow this week, the HTC first, which is the first arrival of handset at Facebook Home built in, and was plunged from $99 upfront to £0.99 with its selected carrier in the AT&T United States.

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