Which one is More Epic: The HTC One or the Samsung Galaxy S4?

Jasmina Lozevska May 13, 2013 0
Which one is More Epic: The HTC One or the Samsung Galaxy S4?

Now it’s time for the clash of the titans or the battle between these two newest devices which are made by Samsung and HTC. Lot of noise was raised about these two devices and we decided that is time to bring them head-to-head to show us what they can or what they can’t do better than the other.  Let’s start.


When you look at the Galaxy S4, right away you will notice the large 5-inch screen with Super AMOLED tech. It has a really amazing resolution (1920 x 1080) and 441ppi. The display has showed to be more reflective than other smartphones out there and Samsung made some great job with the display on this S4 smartphone than on its predecessor.

HTC One is right behind this smartphone with slightly smaller screen presenting a 4.7-inch display made with LCD tech. It has the same resolution as the Galaxy S4. The result of smaller screen with same resolution is the bigger pixel density. The HTC One’s screen has 468ppi.


It was a tough choice but we decided to split the title by giving Samsung a half for the amazing colors and the decreasing option and another half goes to the HTC One because of the amazing brightness.


The GS4 has a 2,600 mAh removable battery which can be easily removed just by popping the back plate. Samsung announced that it has started offering battery covers which has wireless charging feature, which is great.

The other device, HTC One, includes a battery which has 2,300 mAh and as you can see, it is slightly weaker than the GS4. You can’t remove the battery because it’s hermetically sealed in the smartphone.

We give a slight advantage to the GS4 here because on the tests, it showed some great results and an awesome battery life. But this doesn’t mean that the HTC One’s battery isn’t impressive. We just gave a respect to the flexibility offered by the GS4 device.


Before we compare them, we need to note that both of the smartphone manufacturers deserve a big round of applause for the camera features. Samsung includes main camera with a 13-mpixels but even though HTC One has a 4-mpix camera, its sensors are doing the trick and giving quality pictures like the best cameras out there.

But, even though both of them are perfect, we gave the advantage here on the Galaxy S4 camera. The performance and the quality of the pictures are way better taken by this device than the compared device. HTC One deserves credit but it has room for improvement and this company is on the right track of doing exactly that.


At first glance, the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One are equal. Both of them include quad-core processors made by Qualcomm and with the speed the S4 has a slight advantage over the One from HTC. The difference is just 0.2 GHz and while working you will not be able to make the difference. The storage capacity of the both phones is equal as well but the Samsung S4 offers MicroSD slot for upgrading memory to 64GB. HTC didn’t include this feature because its beautiful aluminum body is sealed and you are not able to open some port to enter MicroSD card in it.


And finally, we are going to show you why should you buy either HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4.

–       Pros for the HTC One:

  • Aluminum designed body
  • More affordable price than the GS4
  • Beautifully designed interface
  • Loud speakers
  • Great battery life
  • Incredible performances


–       Pros for the Galaxy S4 from Samsung:

  • Many different features offered
  • Big, bright and colorful screen
  • A perfect 13-mpix camera + great features attached to it
  • Possibility for external memory
  • Very powerful device
  • Has shown great battery life with all that features running and with the big display

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