After Scrutiny and Much-Acclaimed Criticism for Windows 8: Microsoft Takes Defense

Jasmina Lozevska May 13, 2013 0
After Scrutiny and Much-Acclaimed Criticism for Windows 8: Microsoft Takes Defense

Right from the start, this Windows 8 has received lots of negative reviews and criticism but until now this company hasn’t posted any comments about that. In a blog post on its official Web page, the company behind this OS, through Frank X. Shaw, who is a VP at Microsoft, has responded to these comments and it looked like he had enough of those attacks which were intended for its latest OS product.

With his post, he aimed directly at anyone who tried to be publisher but according to him they have stopped at only “trying to be”. He responded to all of those who read some ridiculous analysis and made their own conclusion. If we interpret these words you can see the anger in them and his conclusion that these “wanna be” experts want to be just the center of the attention.

He didn’t leave out to mention the center moment of this Windows version. He explained that selling 100 mil copies of the Windows 8 is a really amazing work and best thing that can happen. He mentioned that every comment and feedback is well accepted and that drives them to make the product better, but added that there is a line for everything. This product is going to upgrade its features every single day and the OS will offer very different experiences to meet the criteria of anybody. In this blog post, Shaw noted that they are still making their way through the touch feature, mobility and the new device crossing experience.


He wrote that he and the company will keep making improvements like they have done with the other products. On this, it will be added many more astonishing devices, new data and new cases for easier and better use. At the end, he said that there will be people who will like that and someone who will not, but they are looking forward for the new challenge.

To be honest, the criticism was really strong and sometimes I felt bad about this. I just imagined the time when Microsoft will hit back at them. And the Vice President was at times really soft but the message was clear and we are looking forward for the better products which were announced by him in his official blog post. And yes, we will see the reaction from the other analysts after this, to see what they have to say about the returned “favor”.

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