Facebook Home Easily Integrated into Sony Xperia ZL, HTC One, and Samsung Galaxy S4

Heidi Speare May 13, 2013 0
Facebook Home Easily Integrated into Sony Xperia ZL, HTC One, and Samsung Galaxy S4


I have heard lot of people using these devices complaining that their Facebook Home isn’t working properly. Now, these users can enjoy in this Home version of Facebook because this social network has updated its application. I know that this surprised lots of smartphone users because this update is not dedicated only for these devices.

Simple, if you are a proud owner of one of these previously mentioned smartphones, pay a visit to the Google Play Store and search for the updated version of Facebook Home. You need to install it, restart it and enjoy in the smooth performance.

This new Facebook Home was launched on an event held by the company along with a smartphone fully integrated with this social network. The smartphone is a result from a great collaboration between HTC and Facebook and was called HTC First. However, it seems that the demand for that phone is really low because this new feature is available on any other device which runs on Android.


Since then lot of people were voicing discontent which involved the using of this Facebook Home. Some friend of mine said that he even think of deleting it because it doesn’t offer some different experience that the normal application on which we are all used to. At first, it was interesting and on the launch event, Facebook mentioned that they have put lot of work on this in order to look perfect. But, the reality showed something else, it didn’t look as good as we all expected when we look at it from up close. That’s why Facebook announced that it will be working on some new updates which will resolve these issues and make the using of the application easier. And from what we can see it runs perfectly on these devices. You will no more feel any existing problem attached to it. Samsung Galaxy S4 users will see a message that will ask them to “Use Home Anyway”. Tap yes and enjoy the upgraded style of this Facebook Home.

I’ve mentioned previously that this is a good thing for the users of the other smartphones because Facebook promised to do this Facebook Home better and they have started right away with an update for these three devices. Don’t worry you will get your update soon enough and we’ll keep you posted.

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