Samsung Galaxy S4 Down-Side: Storage Limitations

Sara Cunningham May 13, 2013 0
Samsung Galaxy S4 Down-Side: Storage Limitations

Remember the time when the latest smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy S4, was launched at the retailer stores of some carriers? – Now, remember that there has been a post that went along with the announcement and said that in near future this smartphone will be available in all versions? – If you don’t remember I’m here to tell you and yes, that were the official announcement that everyone went crazy about.

Well, it’s not how it looks like and like it was presented in the first place. We were all witnesses at the launch that this smartphone is really ground-breaking and as it was said before – Samsung will launch the next big thing. And it really was, I mean with all that features and upgrades you must be a die hard fan of some other company to say that isn’t that great.

But the main thing is, some carriers are offering just one version of the smartphone. Even though Samsung launched this smartphone with three different amounts of internal storage, the carriers include only one in their plans. I remember that in one post there has been a promise that if you wait few weeks, you will able to pick up the larger version of this smartphone.


So we asked ourselves, is 16GB of internal storage capacity enough for you and should you wait for your carrier to bring the larger model? – So, when will that happen?

We talked about it and made a decision that will help you choose whether you should buy the available 16GB version or you should wait. First of all, let me note one thing. This device is really, I mean really great, and the purchasing must depend on your download needs and habits. For the ones who are addicts of downloading, there is additional MicroSD slot which enables you to upgrade it up to 64GB of storage and that is plenty room for applications and other stuff. And for those who are not so much into downloading, this device is perfect for them and if you need little bit more room for stuffing your data you can use the external memory as well.

If you don’t like the idea for using the MicroSD card, you can switch your carrier to that carrier that offers a version with bigger storage. For example there is AT&T which offers a 32GB version of this Galaxy S4 in this very moment. I’m pretty sure that Verizon will make this step but maybe that will take longer because I’ve heard that they are planning to bring the 32GB and 64GB versions of the new device from HTC the amazing HTC One. And just to mention that Verizon is offering the iPhone 5 too, with its 32GB and 64GB models.

Either way, there aren’t any indications of when will Verizon made the larger storage models available for ordering. But if you use our tips you can finally choose to buy it like that or to change your carrier. It’s up to you.

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