Sony to Produce an Intel Corei5 Powered 13-inch Hybrid Notebook

Sara Cunningham May 13, 2013 0
Sony to Produce an Intel Corei5 Powered 13-inch Hybrid Notebook

As it seems, Sony is keeping its employees busy in this period. Numerous rumors are floating around about new updates, devices and other stuff coming out of this company in the upcoming period. I was able to hear something which involved a new Notebook version which will be very powerful.

Some reports, which came from people familiar the future plans of this company have said that Sony is preparing a 13-inch notebook which will be called VAIO Duo 13. As the reports say, it will include slider function and you can easily transform it to a notebook and tablet. To make the rumors more truthful a video has been shown about the new sliding technology that Sony will incorporate in their next generation VAIO notebooks. The most intriguing thing about the video is that it shows a new 13-inch notebook.

This video has shown some other details about this new device. As it seems, this rumored hybrid device will include a touchscreen display with a very smooth design. Did we mention that will it have a lot of power? – Of course, it will be powered by an i5 core processor designed by Intel and along with this it will feature a 4GB of RAM. Maybe it will lack a larger storage capacity but the rumored amount is 128GB. This notebook will feature a 5-mpix main camera and no other indication about secondary camera. Great battery life will be a huge improvement in a device of this kind and it’s expected to last awake for 10 hours.


At the moment, there are no more information about this device but is expected that it will run on Windows 8 and it will have some cool features. Some analysts already have plans for this new device because Sony is a company, well-known for its breathtaking notebooks. The sliding feature seems to be something very innovational and completely different from what we could see so far on the market.

Sony hasn’t posted any comments about this, explaining that they will not comment on any rumors and speculations. It seems that this recently posted video is considered to be a speculation, who knows. But one thing is for sure. In these upcoming weeks or maybe months Sony will surprise us with new notebook. Is this video is the best indicator of what’s next on the market, we will see if Sony will launch this hybrid notebook.

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