Breakups Made Painful and Difficult Because of Facebook

Jasmina Lozevska May 14, 2013 0
Breakups Made Painful and Difficult Because of Facebook

Okay, now this thing is serious. You maybe remember that earlier we posted a research made by some researchers at Tel Aviv University which was about the possibility that Facebook can trigger psychosis. Maybe at that moment, we were all more skeptics about that but we were able to find some other research that says Facebook is making the break-ups more painful and too hard to handle. Well maybe there is something truthful about this.

This time, the research is made by a team in California University which found that some people are deleting the photos of their loved ones from their social network account. Some people even delete the messages and the profiles of their exes. Maybe you have already guessed the reason for this. Usually this happens because pictures, messages, comments and even the person itself, represents as a constant reminder of what happened in the past.


But the study shows something else, as well. After this, people who have done this deleting of the last memories, after this they are regretting their move and suffer even more. The head researcher in this analysis is a psychology professor, called Steve Whittaker. He said that all people have a strange habit of keeping all their digital data in possession. This includes music, videos, photos which are stored on an every device possible. This research shows that these digital possessions are the big problem creators during the relationship and the break up after because they are all living in their personal digital world.

For the needs of this research, 24 people were examined and 12 of them showed as people who delete their digital possession in order to feel better. But the results after that are even worse. Eight of them decided to keep the data and the remaining four were little more selective. (Meaning: they chose what to keep and what to delete). Almost all of them have said that the hardest part of a breakup is changing the Facebook relationship status to single. I almost didn’t believe this but it’s all in the research and I after seeing it, I gave myself a nice face-palm. And secondary thing, almost as difficult as the previous – is deleting the photos from the Facebook account. If you post some photos you will be able to delete them easily after a relationship break up, but when you are tagged the only thing you can do is untagg yourself but the picture still remains.


The researchers propose a software, that through a facial-recognition feature will delete every single photo out there on the web in order to make the work easier for those who suffered a breakup. But we offer to get along with their lives.

Jokes aside, after these two reports, the one with the psychosis and this with relationship, the situation is getting more serious every day. I’m not accusing Facebook for it. People are taking the full blame for these situations.

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