One Million Downloads Thus Far for Facebook Home

Alex Bezeau May 14, 2013 0
One Million Downloads Thus Far for Facebook Home


Since the beginning of this Facebook Home journey, we’ve heard a lot of positive and negative thoughts and we read some good and bad reviews. We reported earlier that this feature has begun to work smoothly as silk on your new HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 or Sony Xperia ZL device.

Now, after a month, we are witnessing 1 Million downloads of this app that is only available for Android OS. This came after calculating the numbers in Google Play Store. For some analysts, this number didn’t meet the expectations but million downloads for a month is a great progress. Plus, considering the announcement from Facebook that this feature will receive more updates in the upcoming weeks, it seems as the future can get bright for the app. Maybe this number isn’t high enough for them because this social network has 1 billion users and we just know that they all have smartphones in their hands. Yes, there are other OS platforms but if you see the market from above you will notice that Android rules the market numbers.

All the negative reviews were the main story for this platform over the past month. You will see that there are only 2 stars awarded to this feature and Facebook needs to do so much more for bringing this Facebook Home to the place where this company said it will belong.



But there are even more bad news attached to it. The collaboration with HTC didn’t work as hoped, either. This fully integrated HTC First smartphone has hit the 99 cents mark at AT&T because the demand for it is too low. As you already know, this is the third phone model which came from these companies and as the previous, this one didn’t go pretty well on the market.

We mentioned earlier that users of some new smartphones will be able to use their version smoothly and without any problems. This new upgraded version had fixed some bugs which were bothering the process and it will not block the side-loading feature that seemed to be the biggest issue. The users of the other smartphones don’t need to worry because if one piece of the puzzle is solved, than the whole puzzle will be dealt with no additional problems.

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