TV Streaming App to Be Launched by ABC Network this Week

Sara Cunningham May 14, 2013 0
TV Streaming App to Be Launched by ABC Network this Week

As it seems, every company out there wants a piece of the streaming service market. After some other companies, ABC is the next in line for launching an application which will enable TV streaming. But as reported, only certain areas will have access to this service through their devices.

This report came from The New York Times and according to it, this application will be available only for the Philadelphia and New York area. People there will be able to use this TV Streaming service through their iPads and iPhones because as it seems, this app is available only for iOS. This makes ABC the first broadcaster for taking this step for providing live streaming service to the tablets and smartphones. This application will deliver its whole content which is offered on their sets but this time the users will watch it live through an Internet connection.

This presentation will take place on Tuesday during the presentation for advertisers. This was interpreted like an attempt to keep up with the competition and from what we can see, the public is actively searching these kinds of streaming. If you see from distance what happens out there, you will notice that the expectation of a television from the viewers is way more changed than before. This comes earlier than expected because the previous plan was to launch this online streaming service app somewhere in 2014. But it’s never too early if you are ready for such thing.


Anne Sweeney, a President of this TV group, said that they are looking forward to keep up with the demands of the consumers. They felt that need to move fast toward the behavior and this step is more than needed.

According to the source and to ABC spokesman also, the service will be available in 6 markets after a while. As it seems, they will wait and see if this broadcasting service will have its breakthrough on the market. If you didn’t know, Disney is the parent company of ABC and it was able to launch streaming applications earlier. But these streaming channels were only temporary and we hope that this app will not experience the same.

This is a good thing to hear, I mean just think about that you are up to work with a public transport and you can watch your favorite morning show on your tablet or smartphone. Or your sports team is on TV and you can’t watch it at home because your girlfriend is desperate to go shopping with you. This is perfect and a must-have application for you and your friends because if they don’t have an iOS based device they will want you to share your device with them.

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