Warnings by Microsoft Among Facebook Account Hacks

Sara Cunningham May 14, 2013 0
Warnings by Microsoft Among Facebook Account Hacks

It seems that we can’t put an end to these viruses. Every day, there are some new viruses spreading around the Web with the speed of light. Now Microsoft has something to say to us and this message was interpreted as a warning.

With a blog post, they said that some malware from Brazil is heading towards us to breach our Facebook profiles. The malware is incorporated into extension to your browser. By far, it has shown on Mozilla and Chrome. If you accidently install the extension, it will start updating itself with these two links:

For Mozilla Firefox: du-pont.info/updates/<removed>/BL-mozillabrasil.xpi

For Google Chrome: du-pont.info/updates/<removed>/BL-chromebrasil.crx

Some analysts have declared that this version of malware is some sort of a Trojan virus, which is well known among Internet users. It begins with its attack on your Facebook account. It depends on the file, but this attack includes prepared commands upfront and it controls the working of your browser. On your Facebook account, it can do several things as Like a page, post, join some groups, sharing different stuff, make a group, invite your friends to like the page or join the group, it can comment on posts etc.

microsoft warning

This malware goes as far as posting some messages on your wall which are written in Brazilian or Portuguese and it’s verifying this message with an additional link. It looks so truthful, so be aware of this Trojan virus. Until now, there aren’t certain protection actions for this malware but maybe will get there soon. For now, just stay away from upgrading your browser with extensions or don’t click on unknown links.

By now, Microsoft hasn’t revealed how many people were infected with this malware or how this Trojan virus is able to install itself. Don’t you think you’re very well protected if you have an antivirus or some other malware protection program. This Brazilian virus can easily transfer into your system and infect it. It doesn’t matter if it’s written in Portuguese according to Microsoft this virus can target users in all the other regions around the world.

We are telling you once again, be aware of these messages which doesn’t make sense or that are written in Portuguese. When some protection is up there, we will inform you as soon as possible. Until then stay tuned. Oh and yes – thank you Microsoft!

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