Apple and Blackberry Together Make a Great Team

Sara Cunningham May 13, 2013 0
Apple and Blackberry Together Make a Great Team

Apple used to be the leading brand of smartphones in America. But today, users of the Apple devices did not even reach 50% of America’s population. Android devices started its fame when Samsung partnered with Google and made Android the official system of their lovable smartphones. What’s next for Apple now?

Google is also set to release the Google Glass and is expected to hit stores in a while. When The Glass was shown to the public, many were hesitant to like the device. But, more people are positive in using it in the near future. Analysts are even convinced that The Glass is the next big thing in modern technology, leaving smartphones and tablet PCs behind.

By that time comes, it’s going to be a rough-tough time for Apple to handle. The company will have to think of ways to widen and improve its platforms to remain as one of the top picks in the mobile and the computer industry.

Apple and Blackberry Together Make a Great Team 2

Rumors are being speculated that Apple will have to buy Blackberry and make a good tandem to beat all the odds. Apple is best in style, performance and build, while Blackberry is good with security software. Analysts then conclude that they would best work together to maintain a high revenue in the market.

Most people think of an idea as sarcastic, some think of it as an impossible thought. But for most, it actually is possible, especially now that there are lesser hindrances between the two companies. People cited a few reasons for these two companies to stick together.

First, as mentioned earlier, Apple doesn’t own 50% of the U.S. market anymore, which is a good reason for the company to venture into something else new.

Second, the two companies don’t have any problems when it comes to territory. Apple is a company originally from America yet already has its own customer call and service center in Canada. As we all know, Canada is the home of the Blackberry.

At the same time, the two companies can agree on retaining all the workers of Blackberry and have them work for Apple still.

Most technology analysts think that this is a great idea. It is believed that the possible partnership of the two companies will make them regain it customer’s loyalty and rank higher in sales revenues. However, this is just a hypothetical idea and time can only tell if it’s going to happen or not.

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