Google I/O – Is It Time to Release the Google Play Games Software?

Sara Cunningham May 13, 2013 0

Google is set to release its presentation in the developers’ conference which is conducted once every year. The conference will start a few days from now and Google has remained its presentation details classified. The conference is entitled the Google I/O wherein the company will have the chance to reveal its future plans and developments.

Google remains to be silent and would like to keep its presentation a secret until the day of the start of the conference. But, Android Police clearly found a way to capture some leaked information or document that serves as a proof of Google’s plan of finally launching the Google Play Games software.

The Google Play games software is a gaming platform which can be compared to iOS Game Center or the Xbox Live. The rumored Google software is expected to provide leaderboards, chat tools, in-game applications, multiplayer benefits and the privilege of enjoying several gaming services in the cloud. This report is also somewhat related to the Google My Glass application, a platform specifically designed for the Google Glass.

Google IO – Is It Time to Release the Google Play Games Software 2

Google has remained quiet about the rumor and never gave a comment about the reports. The company appears to be waiting for the conference before giving out any confirmation about the rumored Google Play Game software.

The gaming software is set to give more convenience to every Android user by being able to play with saving tools in the cloud technology. It is also rumored to provide more excellent gaming experiences to the players.

According to Sundar Pichai, one of the most dominant bosses of the Google team mentioned that people might be gaining the wrong impression and that he and his team is all set for their presentation during the annual developers’ conference. He emphasized to Wired that the company’s focus is to present and discuss the new innovative tools for game and any kind of developers using the Android. Somehow, he reiterated that the company does not have any plans of introducing new hardware inventions and any kind of gaming software platform as of now.

He added that the company has never mentioned any of the two plans yet. It seems like it’s too early for the company to release another edition. Last year, two Nexus devices were released – the Nexus 7 and Nexus Q. The Android 4.1 Jellybean operating system also joined the release last year.

The Google I/O conference will finally start on May 15, which is on Wednesday. Keep yourselves posted.

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