Samsung Conducted Successful Tests on Its 5G Signal Services

Sara Cunningham May 14, 2013 0
Samsung Conducted Successful Tests on Its 5G Signal Services

While the United Kingdom telecommunication companies are busy setting up their 4G signal services, Samsung on the other hand just developed its own 5G technology.

Samsung is the leading company of smartphones which overtook Apple in a single click. It now holds on to its reputation as the electronics giant from South Korea. Today, the company released to the public that they just developed the 5G signal that is a hundred times faster than today’s developing 4G services.

This 5G signal by Samsung will allow the users to enjoy and maximize its usage of the services. According to the company’s statement posted on its official blog site, the newest signal they have developed will allow the consumers to have no limitations in sending out a large amount of data. Consumers will enjoy several services like downloading 3G movies, games, UHD real streaming and even enjoy medical services remotely.

Samsung Conducted Successful Tests on Its 5G Signal Services 2

The 4G services continue to be developed more in the United Kingdom even after some UK companies released it back in 2012. The normal speed of the 4G connection in the United Kingdom ranges from 8-12 Mbps. That is the highest speed it can reach as of the moment, but it is expected to power up this summer. EE – a leading company in the UK announced that the 4G signal is expected to increase up to 20 Mbps before summer starts. Other UK companies on the other hand are in the middle of developing their own 4G signal to be able to release it to the public.

But, little did the world of technology know that Samsung has already started its research and wide study on creating the fastest 5G signal. In fact, the company just released its test results on the signal, which could shy away any existing company in the UK. It has conducted tests to prove on how the newly discovered signal can send and receive loads of data in less than a minute.

Its initial tests using “adaptive array of transceiver technology” gave out a boastful speed of up to 1.056 gigabytes or Gbps. However, this speed was attained only with a 2km distance. After further studies, Samsung will be able to find ways to stabilize the signal without being interfered by distance. But, this kind of signal will be available for smartphone use probably in the year 2020.

This is a challenge that Samsung gives out to all other companies in the world. A challenge to move their research to the next level and that is to start creating their own 5G networks.

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