Samsung and Gameloft – Together Make Good Mobile Gaming Business

Sara Cunningham May 14, 2013 0
Samsung and Gameloft – Together Make Good Mobile Gaming Business

Gameloft – the most successful game developers of all time has started to lay its support on Samsung Electronics. It particularly partnered with Samsung to establish a new gaming experience with Samsung Galaxy S4.

Since smartphones were released, Gameloft has partnered with the rest of the mobile makers. Its first partner was Apple, in which the game developer provided game applications for the iPhone and iPad series. Since then, it has continued to support all mobile platforms including Android mobile phones and tablet PCs.

Gameloft is currently focusing on a huge number of audiences by acquiring Hollywood licenses to create a gaming version of the Iron Man 3, Ice Age Village and Epic. It also started on franchises like The Oregon Trail: Settlers, Real Football, and Asphalt. All of these games are said to be available on Samsung Galaxy S4. As of now, Gameloft has already sponsored a total of 13 games running on the Galaxy S4, which includes Asphalt 7: Heat.

Samsung and Gameloft – Together Make Good Mobile Gaming Business 2

According to Baudouin Corman, the vice president of the Americas and the one in charge of its publishing, they are in the middle of adding more new cool features to the game Asphalt 7 which will add more challenge to the players. They are aiming to improve existing games in order to benefit players and wherein they can feel most of the action.

Samsung grabs this opportunity to entice more consumers by being vocal about the gaming idea and endorse it more often publicly. It’s a good move for the company, since Apple has never been open about promoting the idea even if it also features Gameloft games in its devices.

In connection with that, Samsung will be releasing a controller really similar to the controller for Xbox 360. It’s called the Game Arcade Controller. The Galaxy S4 can also be connected to the big screen. It has to be paired with the controller in order to use this feature. It will then perform like a gaming console that we usually know.

The Galaxy S4 has a very good 5 inch Retina display which is one reason why gamers would now consider switching to this mobile phone. The colors and 3D effects will extremely pop on the display giving a real feel of a gaming console.

Smartphones’ prices have dropped big time because of the great competition. Galaxy S4 may not drop its price really soon, but this is just one feature for consumers to finally grab an S4.

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