Apple’s High Market Price Is Killing Its Own Sales Returns

Sara Cunningham May 14, 2013 0

Apple is known for releasing smartphones with good quality in terms of performance and quality. However, the demand for its devices decreased big time since last year up to now. Apple is facing a good fight in the mobile market today because of the rising competitors that have the best smartphones too.

Last year, Google Android dominated the mobile market. According to reports, it continues to convince the mobile market in choosing to use phones carrying the system. Android opened the doors for other mobile brands to release models that caused the slowly dying reputation of Apple today.

We can consider Samsung, HTC and Blackberry as Apple’s competitors today. Samsung still remains to be its biggest opponent and it might just be hard for the company to defeat Samsung. There are many reasons why Apple started to slow down in the market and it’s obvious that the company didn’t see it coming.

Apple’s High Market Price is Killing Its Own Sales Returns 2

First, Samsung is currently the South Korean giant which rules the mobile world today. Samsung defeats Apple iPhones in terms of application, new features and display. If we consider the latest Samsung Galaxy S4, its Retina display overtakes the one that Apple has right now. It’s fully loaded with new applications and outstanding specifications.

Second, Blackberry Z10 offers the best in its software updates and has upgraded its BBM features. Former Blackberry loyalists just found a reason to switch back to it and ditch their iPhones. This Blackberry smartphone is silently raising its level in the ranking.

Third, the HTC One may not defeat Apple at all, but remains to be a threat in sales. Like Samsung, it offers a bunch of applications and specifications that a smartphone user will look for.

Overall, these brands may be unique, but will always lack of something that only an Apple iPhone will have.

However, as stated on several reports, Apple’s biggest competitor is itself. The demand for iPhones started to decrease after the launch of the iPhone 5. Apple iPhones normally come with great prices and not all people can afford it. That’s the reason why consumers switch to other brands; brands that offer more features than an Apple iPhone can.

As long as Apple doesn’t adjust its market price, its sales returns will continue to flank as well. It is expected that if the situation continues, the company’s global market share will decrease for up to 15% or more by the end of this year.

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