Archos ChefPad “Kitchen Tablet” to be launched in June

Jasmina Lozevska May 15, 2013 0
Archos ChefPad “Kitchen Tablet” to be launched in June

I know that cooking isn’t everyone’s strong side or hobby, but with this tablet, which is expected to launch in June, cooking will be taken to a whole new level. This Archos ChefPad will have several built-in cooking applications and as it seems, it will cost only $210. Without disrespecting the male chefs, women population will feel that this is a must-have device for the kitchen needs.

If you look at the design you will notice that this tablet is ideal for your kitchen. It has a small footprint attached to it in order to place it wherever you want instead of holding it and really fast responsive touchscreen. The only thing that is bothering me is what if I spill water on it? – Because usually, in every kitchen some things need to be washed. This is an electronic device after all and you see my point here. Archos has said something about resolving this issue before the launch, but we must wait and see.

This tablet will have a 9.7-inch display which will include a 1024 x 768 pixel resolution. As it seems, it will run on Android OS version 4.1 and it will be powered by a dual-core processor with 1.6GHz clock speed. This tablet made for the kitchen will have 2 cameras. This is perfect if you want to chat with your friend while cooking or to show your same friend what you are cooking and how you are doing that. In order to be placed perfectly on your kitchen table or counter, it includes a stand which you can adjust for making the tablet even more useful. From my previous experience – don’t place it near your sink or dishwasher just in case it’s not fully resistant to water.


This “splashproof” tablet isn’t the only device which made it up on the market. We’ve heard of previous ones, such as the Tablet S from Sony but it didn’t meet the proper criteria of all the users. This tablet is set to offer something else because it’s dedicated more to cooking with all that applications. To be the tablet even more cooking professional, it uses a new filter technology that when you go to the Google Play Store for searching applications it will show you only the proper cooking apps available in there. This is very handy because if you don’t know what to search, this tablet will show you any available and trending cooking app there and you just need to download it and see what it includes.

Until now, we have used only our traditional tablets for cooking tips and recipes. That didn’t work out so well for someone (including me) and as it seems Archos Company has the solution for this. But how this tablet will perform in the kitchen right in front of us – we will see after the launch.

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