Enables Individuals to have Cloud Storage out of their Email Accounts

Alex Bezeau May 15, 2013 0 Enables Individuals to have Cloud Storage out of their Email Accounts

[adsads2resp]? is something that maybe all of us will find it very useful, but maybe some time must past before we loosen up with this new site. It’s not that it’s not trustful but to be honest, it’s on the web and it will have all of your e-mails and important information. This service offers you to attach several accounts for receiving large storage capacity which will help you to store more of your data. And all of this is completely free – it would cost you nothing.

If you are having trouble with your enormous data and you just can’t find the proper cloud drive which will meet your needs, is a website which enables you to store this and gives you unlimited data. If you register to it now you will be able to choose one of more of your mails and attach them to it. In addition to receive more and more data you can even create new ones. So far, you can connect accounts only from TalkTalk, Runbox, MobileMe, GMX, AOL, Yahoo and Gmail, but some speculations are indicating that the next update will feature all of the other providers.

Not only your mail data can be stored here, this site has even a section that receives your music files and they can be streamed through it too. It has a current limit only to iTunes playlists but the very same spokesman who said the previous speculation, said that support for MP3s, which are not from iTunes, is coming later on. You can use this service only through Google Chrome on your PC and the Firefox browser if you are using a Mac and of course for using this service fresh Java version is required.



This website is in his first days of working and it has some potential. There is a very long way to go in front of it because some analysts already started with reviews and comments on it. At first glance it is very good, but in practice it’s not quite there yet. It has many bugs that need to be fixed but BackupThat idea is out there and it needs developing until the day it’s made perfect.

Although some sites of this kind can be very suspicious, this one includes some security measurements, so there’s no excuse for not using it.

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