Cloud Player App Launched by Amazon

Heidi Speare May 15, 2013 0
Cloud Player App Launched by Amazon


I have a feeling that we’ve seen this kind of an application somewhere else, but it’s always nice to see the companies launching this kind of service. Yes, the cloud is exactly the same thing that you are thinking off right now. If you are an Amazon user, from now on you will be able to store your music data offline into the cloud. This application has been launched for your PC needs.

As the company has announced, this PC Cloud Player will enable you to make your life easier by downloading and managing the music on a much easier way. All the albums, songs and created playlists are just one tap away and you can access them whenever you want. The interface of this new application is very innovative. You can purchase your favorite song and download it and then all you need to do is enjoy in it even when you are offline. The searching method is very productive and fast. When you type your favorable song or artist, not only that they are founded really quick and ridiculously easy, you will be able to play the song through the searched results.

This release is part of a mission that was presented by Amazon for bringing the music everywhere. This announcement comes just after the one for the new compatibility agreement between Ford vehicles and iOS. Someone will say that we don’t need any application because we can reach this service through the web. But the main point here is the offline feature which enables you to store your music. As an addition to this, the Cloud player will enable you to stream music data that you have purchased or uploaded to it. It will allow you to upload unlimited music data purchased from Amazon plus 250 songs bought from some other platform. Using the Amazon’s players you can stream this music through the wireless network for free.


This service is already included in Android, iOS Roku, Sonos and we already mentioned the Synchronized vehicles by Ford. It’s nice to hear that every company out there is heading towards the streaming business. Some other companies are already making their first updates and making the service available across the world, and some are just on the beginning. This is good news for the Android users and I’m assuming that they will take full advantage of it.

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