Google Fiber Expands to Gladstone, MO

Sara Cunningham May 15, 2013 1
Google Fiber Expands to Gladstone, MO

Only last month we informed you that Google Fiber started spreading its seeds across US. Until now, it was spreading in Texas and now it’s moving towards Gladstone, MO. This Internet and video service, which is faster than the speed of light, is expanding a little bit more at the Midwest area but it will come to the other areas sooner or later.

The Council has approved this internet service yesterday. Google has announced it through its Fiber blog. It’s noted that this company had a great welcome in Kansas City area and the reviews and comments about this Google Fiber fast internet service have great marks. Google is looking forward into incorporating this service in Gladstone, Missouri in a few weeks. This is because this company now searches for the proper plan and engineer and then to start building this network around the people in Gladstone. But the hardest part has been done. This was posted by the Community Manager of Google Fiber service, Rachel Hack.

This comes few weeks after another city in the Kansas area, Shawnee, has decided to bring this service to its residents. But this company has no intention of stopping here. In near future, according to some rumors which came from a spokesman close to Google’s future plans, the Google Fiber’s seeds will be planted into the Utah area. This company still hasn’t made any certain predictions when this service will take place but keeping on mind what is Google, I’m expecting this to happen very fast.


This 1GB per second service was launched in Kansas a year ago. Beside this service, Google has added a TV service which was called Google Fiber TV. Back then, Google offered 3 packages for the consumers. The first package included the Internet Gigabit service plus the Fiber TV and in order to own that the users need to put aside $120 for monthly payment. The second package is for $70 for the Gigabit broadband and free-cost package which is limited to 5Mbps download and 1Mbps upload speeds.

This service is the best thing that can happen to you if you are an Internet addict, I can tell you that. In this modern world, there hardly a person that isn’t an addict of the internet but maybe there is someone who doesn’t get along with the service. Google Fiber is spreading fast, maybe it will come to your city in a blink of an eye.

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