Nokia Lumia 925 Exclusive to T-Mobile Only

Sara Cunningham May 15, 2013 0

Is Nokia trying to tell us that they were able to launch 2 smartphones in one week? – The most rumored Nokia Lumia 928 has just experienced its very own launch on the market through Verizon couple of days ago. Now, T-Mobile has been mentioned to be the main carrier for the new Nokia Lumia 925. This is good, no let me rephrase this, it’s the best news recently coming from this carrier because this Lumia line of smartphones is making some noticeable progress.

This is what we wanted to see from this company. Nokia made its Lumia 925 smartphone amazingly thin and with a great metal chassis. This phone now looks more expensive and more stylish. Its weird how one piece of metal addition can make a smartphone look so incredible.

If we compare it to its predecessors, this phone is far more beautifully designed, thinner and even lighter. This phone weighs only 138 grams and your hand will not feel any tiredness when holding it for a long period of time. It has almost the same dimensions (height and width) but as we said earlier is slightly thinner – with only 0.33-inches.

This phone came as a great fit for the no-contract plan that T-Mobile has incorporated earlier. It will be a big win for the company because we are talking about metal chassis which is the most demanded from every smartphone manufacturer around the world. As it seems Nokia is very serious about this Lumia line because this company is throwing anything that have in its backyard to make it perfect and a must-have device.


If you were amazed by the weight and you thought that there is nothing under the hood of this smartphone, well there is something that will catch your eye. At first glance, you will notice the display with a 1280 x 768 resolution placed on a 4.5-inch display. It’s powered by a Snapdragon dual-core processor with 1.5GHz clock speed. It has an 8.7-mpix camera and it runs on Windows 8 OS.

This is good news for anyone that is a subscriber at T-Mobile. We all know that this is the 4th placed carrier in US that we are talking about but they have recently added the fast 4G LTE network and as it seems they are making their way close to the competition. The road will be hard and maybe Nokia is the company which will boost this carrier one level up.

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