Android Updates of Google Is Actually On-track Today

Sara Cunningham May 14, 2013 0
Android Updates of Google Is Actually On-track Today

Though most people demand about this, it should not be because the Google Company is actually and already working on it. The company finally revealed the on-track topic, when in almost every discussion and forums about the android have ended up closing the spotty process of updates, almost all tablet and Android owner’s request or hopes that the device will somehow upgrade into a newer, and more updated version.

Realistic Planning From Google

The reality strikes and points out that the process is firmly controlled by the OEMs and carriers.   Because of this control, the change is not likely to implement as soon as possible, but the Company is working by figuring out as to how making it better than ever. The executive in charge is Pichai for Android and Chrome. Therefore, he should know the whole effort about the update process of Android.  One problem for this is the fact that Pichai is not indicating anything because he has not been for years.

Android Updates of Google Is Actually On 2

The Statement About the Change

 The Google Company is thinking better and farther. They wanted to do this sooner, not very soon but in earlier days as possible. Their partnership has been so active about his for help and the implementation is on-track today, still. Actually, when we talk about the market share , Google has earned billions already, but the focus for today is to please the consumers as well as the partners, and give them updates to be able to attract them more.

 What Buyers Says?

According to the forums and reviews, buyers are gladly pleased with the existing service, the Google Company already offered. However, they also have the right to receive such updates for reasonable points. The point is actually, if they did not get any shiny features, they miss the diamonds, they deserve. They believe that updates will prevent from the bugs and viruses, deteriorating their operations. Most importantly, users want to hear more about Google and want to feel that the largest company is back on track again.

 What the Interview Says?

Pichai never mentioned any update alliance on this matter, unlike the revelation last 2011. It is because, the issue has been dead already and after that, Goggle has not mentioned any alliance for the past two years already.  Despite this statement, it has long been awaited still because Pichai has previously mentioned “talking with our partners,” in previous interviews which is possibly an equivalent to alliance and so on.

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