Good News for Users: Can Chat With Google Friends Today

Sara Cunningham May 14, 2013 0
Good News for Users: Can Chat With Google Friends Today

If you are a person who is not updated with, then you should know that just permitted interoperability chat to Google friends. This is good news to everybody who would love to have a chat with their Google friends using  This is also a new feature that rolls out worldwide for the first few days. The operation is just like on Facebook. For example, you have a lot of Google friends, when you open the, you are permitted to chat with them, still. We all know that there has been a sort of tense relationship between the Google Company and Microsoft, however, this movement comes just a big surprise and it even appears that Google does not expect or anticipate any issues regarding the roll out matters.

The Chat Features

The chat feature which has been updated and developed is actually available with the existing related products and that includes your calendar, Inbox, SkyDrive, and address book. In this matter, you can chat with your friends on Google whole on the internet, for instance. Dharmesh Mehta, the senior product manager for from the Microsoft Company speaks from the interview yesterday about the switching from Gmail to due to the new features.

Good News for Users - Can Chat With Google Friends Today 2

Enabling the Chat

To permit Google chat in the, the users can simply connect their accounts by using the standard O Auth system of Google to grant access of Microsoft to their accounts. Afterwards, they can begin chatting by balancing the user contact cord of the Gmail.

However, there is one thing that does not seem to currently work. This is to begin the group chats that include Facebook and Gmail users. Mehta has left to open the likelihood that the Microsoft Company would allow this in the future, but as of the moment, the team has not yet built any single pieces that would let Microsoft pass the messages between the said networks.

The Expectations

Google is extensively expected to launch certain updates to its own audio, video, text, chat features and many more at the I/O later this week. These are the issues that have been on-work basis for today, it’s improbable, however, that these will have any pressure on the latest features, which the Microsoft has announced today.

Overall, as a creator of the advanced system for technology, we as consumers all need updates from the largest companies.  Let us all wait, and see.

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