One Quick Fix Solution From Windows 8 Poor Reviews

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One Quick Fix Solution From Windows 8 Poor Reviews

Microsoft Windows 8 is a disappointment among PC industry. But, Chief Tami Reller admitted that the support and hope is to come for windows 8. However, she also predicted that the help is on the way for the Windows Blue. She inveterate that the update of Windows 8 —which has currently legitimately been called Windows 8.1—will be previewed for consumers this summer and will still go live in the fall.

While the Blue update will restore the missed menu and let users to boot in the Desktop Mode, it’s exceedingly improbable that Microsoft will carry out the thing that would fix the Windows, Separate the tablet and desktop versions. That would need a surgery corresponding of the conjoined twins, however it would have an influential effect on both Microsoft’s traditional desktop base and latest tablet business.

One Quick Fix Solution From Windows 8 Poor Reviews 2

The Implementation for Improvement

Reller put some effort to face the Windows 8 disaster by reporting that the Microsoft Company has sold only 100 million licenses of this operating system since it launched last October. That is actually already a big number and certainly, sounds impressive until you put that in perspective.

The Reliable Figures

According to Gartner, the deteriorating PC market for 2012 Q4 plus 2013 Q1 still added to 170 million PCs that were sold worldwide. The windows hold a dominant position with approximately 90% market share, which means about one hundred fifty million to one hundred seventy million PCs were the running Windows. With this, if the figures are right, then it automatically means that the 2/3 of the Windows PC being purchased are running as Windows 8. Once more, that sounds fairly remarkable until you deem how much Microsoft and the hardware partners drive Windows 8. As a matter of fact, it’s almost unfeasible to purchase a consumer PC without the Windows 8. So, you may fairly ask if that means that it’s the venture that has discarded Windows 8. That’s definitely a huge part of the story.

 The Target Points

The figures have brought back to the main point. Eventually, the biggest trouble with Windows 8 is that it was supported on a primarily mistaken supposition.

The thought was that one device could serve people for 2 very diverse experiences:
First is a desktop experience where people normally do prolonged, rigorous work while sitting down, and the second one, a more fidgety experience where people walk, lounge, demonstrate, stand, and typically operating in shorter bursts.

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