Samsung in Power of Android Accounts: 74% Sold in Q1

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Samsung in Power of Android Accounts: 74% Sold in Q1

According to the most recent round of the figures from Gartner’s studies, the Samsung has remained as the top Smartphone worldwide in terms of sales and performance. Given the fact that the Android have stolen approximately 74% of the market, Gartner has released the figures for the Q1 sales designed for the mobile handsets, he also states that the Android is actually the most preferred gadget and device for most consumers today, and the Samsung has topped this position globally.

What the Research Says?

The research group has said that, the shipments of the global mobile phone have reached almost 426 million units in the first quarter of 2013, which is only a trivial increase of the 0.7 percent. This is actually according to Gartner. The Smartphone sales worldwide have totaled approximately 210 million units in Q1 2013, up to the 42.9 percent based on the similar quarter last year. The sales of the Smartphone have accounted sales for 49.3 percent of the mobile phones worldwide in the first quarter, just up to 34.8 percent yearly. But, the sales of the feature phones have also contracted at least 21.8 percent for the Q1 in 2013.

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What the Figure Says?

The figure has actually shown thousands of units worldwide with regards to the mobile phone sales, and this is according to the end users from reliable researchers. The companies (in order starting from the 1Q13, 1Q13 Market, 1 Q12 Units and 1Q12 Markets) are Samsung, Nokia, Apple, LG Electronics, ZTE, Huawei Technologies, TCL Communication, Sony mobile Communications, Lenovo, Yulong and the rest are other makers. It has been stated and declared that Samsung reigns among the popular companies written and included in the categories.  Samsung which has 100,657.7 units has a market share of 23.6% for 1Q13, and 89,284.6 units with a 21.1% market share for 1Q12. Followed by Nokia which has 63, 215.2, a market share of 14.8% for 1Q12, while 83, 162.5 and 19.7% market share for1Q12.The third one is the winner of the tablet, the Apple which has 38,331.8 units, with a market share of 9% in 1Q13, and 33,120.5 for 1Q12 units with a market share of 7.8%.

The figures are fair and reasonable. This is released on May 2013, the recent research from Gartner. For other remaining lists, it has also been proven that they are efficient at Android, but Samsung has reigned over them. This is indeed good news for Samsung!

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