BlackBerry Z10: The Reboot Is Currently Being Tested

Sara Cunningham May 15, 2013 0
BlackBerry Z10: The Reboot Is Currently Being Tested

Devotees and fans of BlackBerry, this is good news to all of you because a 5-inch BlackBerry Z10 is currently in testing in Canada for development and enhancement. It is not a new issue that the blackberry company will upgrade and will develop more features as well as new enhancement. We also know that BlackBerry has plans for more devices, however, the BlackBerry R10, evidently, we have heard a little about this, but now we will hear more about this due to the current testing and development from the company.

The Latest Testing

The BlackBerry Company is currently testing a handset which is a 5-inch in Canada that have great features similar to the display proportions of the, well known and most in-demand Samsung Galaxy S4. This may sound like a new flagship device and this is for the source that was confined at the unnamed handset that would debut the insiders for the next few months. According to the source, a handset tester from a huge Canadian network is actually a powered handset when launched by the rebuttal of the company’s big Android players such as the LG Optimus G Pro and the HTC One.

Unrevealed Specific Specifications

Experts and authorities from the company did not mention any specific specifications aside from the display. They just stated a similar resolution and size of the panel being used in the Galaxy S4. According to the source, the BlackBerry is currently looking for a significantly improved battery performance with the handset, following certain complaints about the endurance capabilities of the Z10.

The Reboot of BlackBerry Z10 Currently in Testing 2

The Launching

If the launching will take place in a few months, it will be entirely possible that the feature of the handset will incorporate the latest Snapdragon chipsets from the Qualcomm. This is either the Snapdragon 600, such as the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, or the sooner to be released, the Snapdragon 800.

Given the track record of the BlackBerry’s – the Q10 and the Z10 shipped with the older S4 chipsets – it is also possible for the next-generation flagship that will feature the still-excellent-but-rather-old S4 Pro Qualcomm. This is for the sake of the future proofing. The experts and authorities from the company are keeping fingers crossed for the Snapdragon 800.

This will not be the last news to be revealed. There are a lot of news and updates to come. You will surely be updated, so be alert.

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