The Revelation of BlackBerry: Low Cost Is a Must for Today

Sara Cunningham May 15, 2013 0
The Revelation of BlackBerry: Low Cost Is a Must for Today

The Canadian Company, BlackBerry, might possibly announce today the launching of its newly planned low cost phone, during the annual three-day meeting of the company on Tuesday in Orlando, Florida.  As you know, Blackberry has been known as a phone that is designed for businesses and at previous times, it was sold out in higher price.

The Conference

The event of the conference is also called as the BlackBerry Live. The BlackBerry Live actually welcomes thousands of players within the industry throughout the world. Thorsten Heins, the chief executive of the company is anticipated to deliver a noteworthy speech about this. It is believed that his speech is far more important, than any other because the decision was all for his team.

The second Smartphone being introduced to the world is the Q10 and this has become one of the best Smartphone ever. Q10 is one of the most competent and proficient phone, the Q10 is actually just a second Smartphone to operate a new operating system within the BlackBerry 10, in Britain and Canada.

The Revelation of BlackBerry Low Cost Is a Must for Today 2

The Agenda

Though not in detail, the conference are from the results of the marketing and sales plans. Whether the low cost points out to the existing phone, or whether the BlackBerry Company make another phone intended for low cost price, having a low cost phone will somehow increase the sales, because there are people from other countries who prefer low cost phones from quality phone makers such as BlackBerry. The Smartphone of BlackBerry is very much well-known to the people. Consumers know its quality and proficiency already, and BlackBerry has long been proven to be efficient at work.

The Lineups

What the BlackBerry hopes is for the Smartphone to line-up another touch screen Smartphone.  Z10 was already introduced just this year, and it is expected to raise the market share, which has lost from the grace and glory of Samsung Electronics Co’s Galaxy devices and Apple Inc’s iPhones.  They have long been powerful because they are powered by the largest company, Google for its operating system.

The Verdict

The decision of BlackBerry to reveal the lower cost prices are the smartest idea. This has long been awaited. In previous times, BlackBerry was one of the most luxurious devices which are very hard to get. Due to the tough competitions, they should implement such low cost proposals to get back their increased percentage achievement like before.

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