Tough Competition Between and Netflix –

Sara Cunningham May 16, 2013 0
Tough Competition Between and Netflix – and Netflix think they have an improved way of converting ideas into popular hit shows. The Netflix has called the present TV model named “ripe for replacement,” while the studio arm of Amazon is busy testing a better green light TV show. But, the 2 streamers are trying to obtain to that courageous new prospect in incredibly different ways.

Ascension of the Machines

Netflix analyzes the terabytes of the viewer data from the 30 million subscribers. The company follows the whole thing from the member watches and rewatches in order to rewind and pause. The algorithms of Netflix know which leaders tend to draw what rift of its audience, and which show types tend to excel with other groups. That ton of information supports its decision as to what cost to bid during the negotiations for the existing content. However, it also directs the company in selecting which innovative programming to go after.

Tough Competition Between and Netflix

Supremacy of the People

Amazon is taking a different route. The video service from e-tailer is presently showing fourteen original pilots online, and requesting the viewers to facilitate decisions which ones must become be the full-blown series.

The method of the Amazon has the advantage of accumulating and collecting reactions from the actual audience, and it must benefit from taking guesswork of the process. It may even help construct buzzes for shows, if many viewers decide to partake. The figures so far are encouraging.

An Unmerited Competition

But the major advantage over the networks is the fact that the Netflix and Amazon both enjoy: their platform on-demand. That permits them to launch shows without the requirement to spend millions in order to assemble a vast audience for the episode No. 1, while the NBC and ABC have just prime time-slots to trade content around. Their competitors Internet-based have no calendar constraints.

A cord of poor choices on the latest show can be fierce to the bottom lines of the network. Both Disney and Comcast have reported lower ratings for the first 3 months of 2013, pulling down the advertising profits and revenue for the divisions.

End Result

Given those flaws in the linear TV model, it appears to be clear that the shows won’t be chosen by many network executives to battle that popular Sunday 8PM slot. The big question begins, whether it the data- or the model of popularity-based works better.

The tough competition between the two got different points.

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