Will the HTC Myst the next Facebook Phone?

Alex Bezeau February 17, 2013 0


Sorry Zuckerburg, despite all the protest it seems that the HTC Myst is turning out to be the much hyped facebook phone. All the rumors have been swirling for the better part of a year now and all the denial you put out to the media does nothing to stop the speculation. In fact, it probably riles it up more. Is this your new marketing strategy, Mark? It probably is, and it is working very well. Now, however, we have more than rumors to run off of. We have the ideas of what the specs inside of the HTC Myst will offer.


Best part is, they don’t look cheap and skimpy at all. The HTC Myst will be using the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean which is always a good thing. It will 1 GB of RAM with an decently sized 16 GB of internal storage. The processor is a dual core processor of the Snapdragon variety. Then the GPU is a Qualcomm Adreno 350, which will pair well with the 4.3 inch display. It is believed that the phone will eventually launch with AT&T as the service provider, which isn’t something you can really call a company out for, but we all have our preferences. Overall, the phone is relatively average all around and will make a solid mid-range option that will compare well to most other things on the market, at least in the specs. All of this isn’t even going into the little gimmick of the phone.



As the rumors grow, everyone is thinking that the HTC Myst will be the next Facebook phone. The specs definitely look like it will favorably support browsing Facebook and the web in general. That doesn’t immediately mean that the phone will be the next Facebook specific phone. All the protests that Mark Zuckerburg puts out don’t do much to stem the tide of rumors. Although you have to consider that Zuckerburg is well versed in marketing in his own right and all this protest and denial might just be a technique to drive up the rumors and hype for the HTC Myst. Nothing gets speculation more riled up than the word “no”.

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However there might be more to this “no” than just putting tem idea on edge. Another rumor has that Facebook is tired of waiting for a phone to come out and is just on the path to make one themselves. If this actually holds up it would mean that the HTC Myst is not, in fact, the next Facebook phone. That instead it will be just a good midrange option in the market instead of a cool and shiny Facebook phone. I honestly cannot say which I hope has more truth to it. That the HTC Myst will be the be Facebook phone of the future, or that Facebook has taken matters into their own hands and built one, apps and all, from the ground up.

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