The Evolution of Gmail: Nine for an Essential Web Service

Sara Cunningham May 16, 2013 0
The Evolution of Gmail: Nine for an Essential Web Service

In the year 2004, when the Google Company has introduced the Gmail, it was not immediately an obvious introduction to everyone as to why the phenomenon of search engine would wish to obtain or incorporate the e-mail business. In fact given that the company made its statement on April 1, a number of people speculated, for a moment, whether the news was a trick. Even once it was obvious that Gmail was the genuine deal, Google felt the necessity, in the FAQ Gmail, to answer the firing question as to why Google is offering an email.

The Era of Gmail

The age of the people being puzzled by the Gmail was so concise that it’s simple to forget such an age ever existed. Gmail rapidly turned out to be not just when the core services of the Google but one of the core services of the web — the client of the webmail that came to describe webmail clients, even if it was distant from the first one. Like what most measures Google does, the Gmail has not been without its debates, but it’s still one of the great successes from the stories about this largest company.

The Evolution of Gmail 2

 Reasons Why Gmail Present Big Surprises

One of the reasons why Gmail grabs attention from the web is that, the Gmail surprise was not that obvious. It came as an innovation, reinvention and progressions from the other existing emails. For the nine years, both the Yahoo Mail and the Hotmail were popular, good and deeply fixed. People were registering and using them for many reasons. When the Gmail came, everything has changed. Most transactions were transferred. It is the convenience and the preference of the people that made Gmail grows and expanded.  This really came as a big surprise for the company, given the fact that it is new but has been progressively every year and it will continue to grow even more. The Gmail is actually on the company’s greatest success.

As you can see, Google always has a better and farther service, so Gmail is also expected to rise despite being the newbie. Most people also prefer Gmail due to its very high security and protection from spam messages. Some also reported that the sending and receiving of emails is faster and more accurate in time.

 Gmail’s Other Innovations

Another innovation of Gmail was the method in which Google has collected money from it. Just a scan of the text of messages and then display it with tiny advertisements and keywords that are related to those words, the twist on the advertisements which escort its results of search-engine.

Overall, Gmail is a superb system that is preferred by most people.

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