Want an Acer Iconia? Get It With Windows 8 Tablet in $324.99

Sara Cunningham May 16, 2013 0
Want an Acer Iconia? Get It With Windows 8 Tablet in $324.99

Originally the Acer Iconia is priced as $599. Now, it is sold for $324.99. When the Windows 8 have created a tablet debut, the complaint is not targeted on the operating system (which worked well when paired with a touch screen, but due to the higher price of the hardware. Thankfully, given the way of time and the lukewarm reception of the Windows 8, the high-priced hardware is turning out to be the downright, affordable. One witness stated that, while the supplies last and of course, won’t last long, the DealFisher had Windows 8 tablet Acer Iconia W510 designed for the $324.99, shipped. Astonishingly, it’s new, not renovated, version hit the wallets just a few months ago for $599.

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The Acer Iconia has a screen running 10.1-inch at 1,366×768 (similar as the 13.3-inch laptops), DDR RAM of 2GB, expandable storage of32GB, and an Atom processor of 1.5GHz.

That chip does not have the heavy-duty software for muscle, but it is good for the basics: Web, videos, e-mail, and so on. Certainly, that begs the query of whether you require Windows 8 versions, says the Windows RT, but perceptibly it is better to run the legacy programs, if you want to have them — even if they are a bit slow. What is more, the Acer promises an inspiring 9 hours of the battery life, while the CNET have clocked it at ten hours, ten minutes. You do not obtain that kind of all-day runtime from tablets, and definitely not for most laptops.

Other Experiences

Speaking of the more laptop experience, the keyboard dock lists of the Acer for only $149.99. It has found that and $125.99 for Ebay has still a pretty steep. If you are looking something that stick well with the ecosystem of Windows 8, there is always a chance to do so with the cheaper version and this is the Acer Iconia. To weigh lesser than the said price of the entry-level iPad, you can obtain powerful, versatile and big tablet — while the supplies last. That it is.

Big Bonus Deals

Have you grabbed that striking and excellent desktop yesterday? Here is an evenly sweet monitor for you to pick with: For a limited amount of time, the TigerDirect has a monitor of27-inch LED, and AOC e2752Vh all for $199.99, along with around $9 designed for shipping. It vends elsewhere for $30 more. Overall, it has a three year warranty.


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