Blackberry Messenger Expanding Reach to Other Smartphones

Jasmina Lozevska May 16, 2013 0
Blackberry Messenger Expanding Reach to Other Smartphones

We all know that BlackBerry isn’t doing so great with the smartphone sales. It was really quiet these few weeks without any suggestions about its plans for the future. Now suddenly, one report shows that this company is about to expand its BBM messaging reach to the iOS and Android devices. What’s behind these plans I really don’t know, but maybe there is something other that indicates this move.

This messaging service is expected to hit these OS platforms by the end of the summer and it will be launched out there on the smartphones markets (Google Play Store and iTunes Store) for free of charge. According to the statement of the CEO at BlackBerry, BBM will be made independent and everybody who wants to use it will be able through their OS version very soon. Some analysts are already making statements that this is a perfect idea of making the users addicted to this BBM feature once again and lure them back to using some of the BB’s devices.

I don’t know how much will this platform will be used but let’s say it’s a good move by BlackBerry. You know how they say: Better make something than do nothing.


The other thing that is interesting is BlackBerry announcing that it’s making a BBM channel that will let people create profiles on it. It will be something similar to Twitter because it will have a feature that will let the users follow their favorite brands and users. Thorsten Heins, CEO at BB, said that this move was inspired by a suggestion of its BBM network which has over 60 million users and more than 10 billion data is received and sent every day.

The users will receive the proper notification when a post is available and they will be able to choose the way of notifying. As an addition to this, they can post comments, “like” and share. This new BBM channel will look like a mix of Facebook and Twitter. At least that is the first impression that I’ve got.

As it looks like, BB is searching for success at other fields instead of focusing on making better devices. We will see how these future plans be accepted by the public.

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