Google Streaming Music Service to be Launched Very Soon Say Reports

Sara Cunningham May 16, 2013 0
Google Streaming Music Service to be Launched Very Soon Say Reports

We are on the verge of seeing a streaming service from every single company out there. The latest reports are saying that we are very close to the launch of Google’s own version of Music streaming service. On that behalf, this company has already signed contracts with three labels and as it seems, this service will be a direct rival to Spotify.

But not just Spotify, Pandora and Apple maybe will feel threatened by this new streaming service. Maybe someone will say that these platforms are already out there for few years and some new service won’t get them in danger. But to be honest. we are talking about Google, and if they are in a process of making something, it will aim to be the best out there.

In order to prepare for this step, Google has already made deals with Warner Music Group which was rumored to happen a month ago. This was only one step for Google towards this streaming service. If you take a look at YouTube, it has around 800 million unique users per month. This is a large number and maybe this was a great indicator for making this music streaming service. YouTube is completely free of charge, so maybe this music streaming will be also without any additional paying and it will make money from ads like YouTube does.


We must mention that the first streaming service which was signed will be tied up with Google Play and the other with YouTube. According to a rumor close to these plans, the one which is tied up with Google Play will go in the air first. But the thing is, everybody is expecting the streaming service which is tied up with YouTube to come out first. From the music industry stand point, this will be very exciting because it will be designed for both mobile and desktop devices.

If this gets in the air today at the I/O conference, it would be the best thing that has been launched these days. Seeing music streaming service attached to Google Play and YouTube will be the powerful service which can be found on smartphones. We don’t want to make foolish predictions but it can definitely change the game in the music industry. This comes in a right time when the music industry seems to have constant and very fast grow, and Google is about to speed up that process and big revenue will come eventually after few months of existence. That’s the beauty of it.

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