More Changes in Store for Facebook Timeline

Alex Bezeau May 16, 2013 0
More Changes in Store for Facebook Timeline


Facebook is really busy at the moment with making Facebook Home more usable for the Android based smartphone users. But beside this, they are making some efforts in the process of getting some changes done on the Facebook Timeline. A Facebook representative has said earlier that very soon, we will see something new and cleaner which will come directly from this company. As the reports say and as we can see, this social network has already finished this cleaning project and it has been made more reflective on the one using it.

Simple, this clean version of Facebook Timeline will show you only those things that you are interested in. This idea was brought up a month ago and it’s not just for better organized home page. It creates more space which is better organized with tastes which are directly involved with the users. All of the information which surrounds you is gathered in a single feature that is included in the cleaned up version and it’s called Sections.

You can find the Sections placed in the About tab, left of your Timeline’s column stream of updates. All the users are enabled now to place whatever they want in that section area. You can add your favorite list of songs and pick from them or you can add some movies or the popular Instagram section. Now the life of every user seems to be easier and Facebook timeline is made really handy and easy for using.



Facebook has already announced that there are over 1.1 billion users who are using this new Facebook Timeline update. There are more than 200 million items added to this Section feature each day. That’s a lot but these numbers are still not impressive enough for some analysts who are saying that it should have achieved more astonishing numbers by now. It kind of seems that some of the analysts are hard to impress.

Yesterday, this social network launched new tools for making the developers attach their applications to this new section. This encouragement will maybe in near future produce more activity in this process. Maybe after this the analysts will be satisfied with the number of more activity posted to this Section feature.

Facebook is constantly trying to bring something new to our Timeline. Some of us like these new features and changes but some are just voicing discontent. Either way, Facebook users will not give up on their accounts – they’re loving the Facebook experience!


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