Pinterest Updates Their Apps: Offers More than Just Browsing Pins Now

Sara Cunningham May 16, 2013 0

I haven’t heard anything about Pinterest updating its mobile apps for quite some time until now. Pinterest just got better for all the Android and iOS based smartphone users plus the Apple’s iPad. They made it quite impressive and there are plenty of new features. This update was launched on its official blog with a title saying “Pinterest on the go just gone better”.

The first notable new feature that was included in this app is in the notification center. As of now, you are able to see if you get commented or mentioned in a pin. You can have this feature now on your mobile device and if this is not enough read the following: They have introduced the push notification feature, which enables you to see any information out there without even opening the application. Isn’t that cool?

The second upgrade which is also interesting, is your friends’ mentions feature. It is kind of a Twitter feature but now it’s available on Pinterest app, too. You already know how to mention someone, just put the @ sign in front of your friend’s name and you are done. After the mention, your mentioned friend will receive a notification that he was mentioned and there you have it – the mention feature.


The search on Pinterest got also improved. You can now search data on Pinterest right through your phone and this app will even give you some suggestions for your search. The best thing for this new feature is that you can see all the searches you have done even through other devices. If you searched for the best sandwich recipe from your PC at home, you can use your phone as a help while you at the supermarket buying the needed ingredients. This search history can be deleted also. You just need go to your settings tab and find that option.

You can find this updated Pinterest application in the Google Play Store and the iTunes Store.

With these updates, Pinterest has transformed into a more social mobile network out there. It is completely different now and it represents a place where all of you can do more than just the old fashioned browsing pins. It’s a nice step forward for this company and it will definitely get more users with this new style of pinning.

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