Windows Blue is Now Officially Named Windows 8.1

Heidi Speare May 17, 2013 0
Windows Blue is Now Officially Named Windows 8.1


It seems that this is the last time we hear something connected with the name Windows Blue. Microsoft has finally spoken about this new version of the Windows OS. We’ve heard so many rumors and reports about that and we even had leaked images showing the existence of this new Windows Blue. The official name of this Windows will be Windows 8.1 and it will arrive later this year.

This report comes from Tami Reller, the top marketing and financial executive for Windows. She gave this information while giving a speech this morning at a conference for Media and Telecom that was held in Boston. And as it seems, this new Windows update will be available for download at the end of this year. Maybe it is a little bit too late for this update but Microsoft knows best what the public needs and when they need that. We’ve already heard some rumors that all the devices which are scheduled to launch around that time, will receive a clean version of this new Windows 8.1.

We were witnesses of many bug fixes launched by Microsoft for the latest Windows 8. And Reller informed us now that this Windows 8.1 will be crucial and it will include more changes than any of the other small updates. Just to note – the Windows 8 version was updated about 700 times.



From Reller’s speech, we could notice very few details about the Windows 8.1 but there weren’t any indications of the start button that we all miss. She said that the team is doing great in the process of delivering the best vision that everybody has. They have heard all the things that users have to say, they learned from it, and they have became smarter. According to her, the official date isn’t set yet but we will have the clean version of this new Windows just in time for the holiday month at the end of this year. She noted that the partners will receive the version first and then it will be made available for purchase.

We will be able to see the first preview at the developer’s conference which is scheduled to be held on June 26 at San Francisco. By then, we will know if the start button will be included or we will miss it for a bit longer. This comes right after Franck Shaw fired back at the criticism for the Windows 8 OS version.

It’s not that we don’t like the Windows 8, but the thing is we expected something more from it. With this new version Windows 8.1 will maybe get that what we expect and maybe Microsoft listened to all the prayers about the start button that Windows was known of.

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