Sneak Peek: The Unveiling of Google’s Streaming Music Service

Alex Bezeau May 17, 2013 0
Sneak Peek: The Unveiling of Google’s Streaming Music Service


Yesterday, we reported that Google may have a streaming music service on the way and here are we now – reporting that it’s here, alive and running. This happened so fast because there wasn’t many suggestions for the actual happening. It was enough for us to only see that Google has made deals with few music labels.

In order to use this music service by this giant tech company, you need to pay $9.99 per month. Google has made it to the world where Pandora and Spotify is leading the way. Apple was the most rumored company which was set to give away its own music service called iRadio but this didn’t happen. Maybe they are stuck in the process somewhere.

As we assumed and as many reports have showed, Google is making the step into this industry with the first service which is tied up with Google Play Store in its Android OS. It has launched in the US first and with future plans, the other countries remaining will get this service pretty soon. When you first purchase this service you get 30 days of free trial period. This huge step into this business puts Google in a leading position because through its Google Play Store and later on through YouTube, they will gain more customers in just a blink of an eye.



Spotify and Pandora needs to do something about this to strengthen their position in the battle with Google’s streaming service for music. Apple has yet to make impact in this but so far we heard that they are gathering some big music labels and when this company releases its service it will be huge. The streaming music industry finally will see some competition other than previously mentioned Spotify and Pandora.

This is just the starting point for Google. The future will bring more music labels which will like to make deals with this streaming service in order to stream its music through this service and get more revenue. One part is already launched and the next part (the service tied up with YouTube) will follow these steps but Google hasn’t reported yet where and when will this happen. However, the important thing is that Google has released this streaming service for a short period of time, it’s here and available for you to pay up for this new music streaming service.

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