Apple Hits the BIG 50 Billion with App Downloads

Heidi Speare May 17, 2013 0
Apple Hits the BIG 50 Billion with App Downloads


Well this took long enough. If you remember, we reported that Apple is giving a grant to the 50 billionth user who will download some application from its iTunes Store. We are here now and Apple just announced that its store for application just hit that number. It was said back then, that this person will receive an Apple gift card of $10,000 and the next 50 users who will choose to download an app after this will receive a $500 gift card.

On Apple’s official Web site, this company thanked all the users and said that this user, who is a winner of this prize will be revealed in few days. This mark was passed yesterday and it’s a huge achievement for the iTunes Store. Apple has reported this on its official Web site, as we said earlier, and on the official Twitter account. These plans were launched at the beginning of this month and the countup timer was placed on iTunes first and then on the Web site. People from all around the world were downloading applications every second to be this user who will be known all around the world. There are no indications of who are the winners of the awards but we will get the names soon.



The first winner of this kind of contest was revealed after winning a $10,000 gift card for downloading the 25 billionth application last year. And just look at the time period from March until today. 1 whole year and 1 month later and we are now at the 50 billion benchmark. The number got doubled from last year and from what we can see iTunes is growing faster and faster and there is no doubt that all developers are more interested in making applications for the iOS market.  The name of the winner back then was Chunli Fu and she traveled a lot in order to get her reward. This year we were witnesses of another contest but this time it was for a 25th billion song which was sold on iTunes.

At the start of this report I said that this took long enough. I was alluding on the last’s year contest when the mark was hit after 7 days when the contest was launched. We will congratulate again to this user who will came as a winner of this gift card.

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