Sneak Peek of Hands-Free Searches With Google Now

Sara Cunningham May 17, 2013 0
Sneak Peek of Hands-Free Searches With Google Now

It’s all about Google these days. This company was able to announce so many updates and services in its I/O conference which was held yesterday, that the developers will have a lot of work for making things better. But you know how they say, better have something to work on, than sitting there doing nothing.

The newest Google Now application has a really good feature of hands-free searches. This new application has been made to be available to Android and iOS plus it has some new stylish Reminder feature that it needed so bad. If you want to get the best of these features you will need to never stop searching for content and to be honest the app itself doesn’t let you take your eyes of it.

As an addition to this app for iOS and Android, Google has set an update which will enable a voice search for Chrome and Chrome OS. To this update 6 brand new card types have been added which are involving selling stuff through Google Play and some music, books, TV episodes and other stuff. And the best thing with this is that when you try to search something it gives you suggestions which are based on your searching habits and purchases. It reads your mind. These are only four cards of the total 6.


The last 2 cards are kind of more helpful for you. The first one enables you to be on track with the public transport providing you with all the useful information about the next bus or train. The second card is the Reminder. If you have stored any reminder in your smartphone, to view it later you just need to say “Google ….” (On the dots, you should place the name of the friend) and a pop-up dialog box will let you view the reminder.

This new updated application has a pretty quick response time and to be honest it responded to me faster than any other Search Now application that I have on my smartphone. Without a doubt, this is my new favorite application. The trick is that it’s made very accurate. Maybe on some questions you will get a feeling that information get stuck, but there’s no need to worry about that. Instead of just typing names for getting information, now we can talk to our devices in order to get the proper results. This is awesome.

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