Google Maps Gets Updated With Fresh New Revamp

Sara Cunningham May 17, 2013 0
Google Maps Gets Updated With Fresh New Revamp

This update for Google Maps was launched yesterday on the I/O conference for the developers. And to be honest, it’s the best thing I saw there. The other stuff was amazing too but this update to the maps is really wonderful. It’s made just like we wanted to be. It includes some generated views of the streets by the users and amazing live images of the cloud patterns on the Earth. It looks astonishing.

This update is for the Web only but it offers something more. The version is made to be easy to handle and more social. When I was searching through it felt like I’m on the top looking at things in real time. When I clicked on a location, some short information about the location popped up on a card. Then I realized that this new map version is really user-friendly, just like Bernhard Seefeld said at the conference. Maybe it seems that I’m a little bit too excited about this new maps version but when you try it yourself you will get the point.

The information which is given when clicked includes comparison between public transit time and driving time from a given spot. And if a friend of yours reviewed a place before you, when you are using the maps it gives you all the places that your friend has reviewed. This new update is more user-friendly and it offers more results which are social and are placed around you.


The next thing that is made breathtaking as well as the previous one, is its new 3D view. If you asked yourself now does this include some additional installation of or a plug in, well Google said that type of thing is not required. You can try and zoom all the way to the required place and you will see a beautiful live view of a building or a lake. To make things even more real, it gives you the full view with the clouds and other stuff. Sometimes you can even notice a bird flying over your screen. Maybe with this last thing I’ve ruined the surprise but that’s a new thing, too.

This time you can upload your version of the Photosphere which will be helpful for Google to generate the street view in order to make the map better. You can sign up for a preview today because Google will start previewing this new maps version someday this week.

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