Angry Birds Creator Markets Select Third-Party Games

Sara Cunningham May 16, 2013 0
Angry Birds Creator Markets Select Third-Party Games

Angry Birds has been a popular game worldwide, as popular as Plants versus Zombies. Many children play Angry Birds because they think it is fun and pleasurable. The maker of Angry Birds is the Rovio entertainment. Just recently, they announced that their business will be expanding in order to incorporate 3rd party titles, which will be published, distributed and marketed to consumers. Rovio Stars is the new program, and that’s what makes it available on the company’s expertise as well as its marketing teams to publishers. The primary title to be free under the new effort by Nitrome Ltd is the Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage.

The Icebreakers

The Icebreaker game, which trails the adventures of a lone Viking, will be pursued by the puzzle game and medieval adventure. According to one reliable source, this is the first time that Rovio has incorporated third-party titles in the lineup, the company just announced through press release and a blog post. Rovio’s authorities and specialists will purposely help to guide developers to turn their games into a blockbuster hit, as well as to market and provide PR, thus help the publishers distribute the titles to all the related app stores.

Angry Birds Creator Markets Select Third-Party Games 2

Considerations and Deliberations

Developers can apply for deliberation as one of the Rovio’s succeeding picks on the Rovio Stars which are a dedicated website, and where the company presents a submission form. Concerned parties can connect video and/or screenshots alongside an account of their game. For now, mobile titles are only being considered, anticipating a high volume of submission, which the company states that it does not assure that it will receive an awaited response.

Rovio has been moved beyond being the only game publisher, and is currently more of Media Company that offer toys, cartoons, and some other merchandise like books, T-shirts, and even soda. It has debuted at the Angry Birds-themed parks and Kennedy Space Center as an Angry Birds Space Encounter. It also lately partnered with Dreamworks in order to release the Croods, which is a game that is based on the animated film. These growths have been operating well for the company so far. Rovio announced in April that its 2012 sales were totally raised as high as 101 percent, for up to $195 million, and the net profit was up to $71 million. The 45 percent of the revenue from Rovio have been consumer products, against the 30 percent prior.

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