Diving into the Bioshock World with Bioshock Infinite.

Alex Bezeau February 17, 2013 0


In less than a month Bioshock Infinite will hit store shelves, and gamers everywhere will be in for one of the coolest high flying adventures of this generation. Irrational Games will be continuing the legacy of their series of failed utopia games in the sun kissed city of Columbia that sits high over the world below. Anyone who has been following the development will be more than excited for the game and know everything that is there to be known already, But what about those who have never played a Bioshock game and are curious as to what it is all about?


In the wake of two whole games, they might feel a bit obligated to backtrack and play through the first few games to try and catch up with what might be going on. While I will never speak out against someone that is wants to play the Bioshock games, it might cause a hassle with newer players who see it as too large a barrier for entry. For you people out there, I am glad to inform you that Bioshock Infinite is probably the best launching point if you are just stepping into the Bioshock series for plenty of reasons.

First, Bioshock Infinite’s aesthetics is much kinder than the previous games. Whereas plenty of people can have nightmares about the world of Rapture, the exact opposite is true for the city of Columbia. Sure you still might have dark thoughts about the place, but they will stem more from the fact that it looks like a friendly place on the outside with plenty of twisted on the inside instead of just the pure dread that comes from the cramped and dark halls of Rapture. The aesthetics do a lot to make the city feel open and airy, which is intended and does plenty to make the game more welcoming to newer players.



Probably the best reason why people should start here is that there is little continuity between Bioshock Infinite and the previous games. You quite literally are a world apart. Freedom seems to be a motif for Columbia, but it actually reaches deeper than just free from the ground. In a way, one could justify feeling could also translate into a sense of “freedom” from the plotlines from previous games. It will take a huge burden off the players who haven’t played the other Bioshock games. While they might miss a few in jokes, they won’t be left out of the narrative as a whole.

The story itself also lends to the game’s accessibility. Try relating the specific plot of the first few Bioshock games and you will get a convoluted mess of a talk involving psychotic little girls and their protectors, a life and energy source, and attempting to escape or restore the city. Even the part that is coherent to the uninitiated is hard to follow, so the narrative can’t really be described as “user friendly”. Bioshock Infinite on the other hand, is much easier to follow. Here, let me show you. “You are a man trying to clear your debts by rescuing a girl from this failed city. Danger, romance, and hijinks ensue.”


In short, this game is a great jumping point for any who want to be immersed in the world of Bioshock. It’s free from any conventions of the previous game and is a lot more welcoming then the good old classic “hallway of doom”. Anyway, Bioshock Infinite is a game everyone should be excited for. Not just those who are already enamored with the series, but also those who are ready to become one of the Bioshock faithful.

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