BlackBerry Messenger App – To Come Android and iOS

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BlackBerry has just proclaimed that it’s enormously trendy BBM messaging service will come as a multi-platform. According to BlackBerry, it will be released for iOS and Android as a free app this summer. The BBM will support the iOS hardware running iOS 6 and beyond; the Android version will be well-matched with the version 4.0, which is also known as the Ice Cream Sandwich.

Although, it has long been carefully measured as one of the BlackBerry’s strongest elite offerings, Heins said that his company plans to bring a BBM experience that is “fully featured” on the rival Smartphone operating systems. Heins added that they are starting to do with the messaging and groups, they will bring a screen share, voice, and of course, later on channels.

BlackBerry Messenger App – To Come Android and iOS 2

No Exclusivity

BlackBerry’s killer app will soon be available and not exclusive. Heins delivered a statement of confidence that the BlackBerry 10’s prospects are strong and has an independent messaging solution. Blackberry noted in a press release that the successful BBM move to Android and iOS and will depend upon the approval of Google and Apple. To assume things according to the plan, the BBM will face no scarcity of competition from the WhatsApp and some other messaging apps that have already enjoyed being an enormous success across the mobile platforms.

The Latest Announcement from BlackBerry:

BlackBerry plans to make it as a popular and trendy BBM, its wildly trendy mobile messaging service, which will be available for the first time to Android and iOS users this summer, will be subjected to approval by the Apple App Store, and Google Play as applicable. This means that, when available, you can greet your family and friends using these other mobile platforms in order to connect over the share and BBM in the Team BlackBerry love.

The Upcoming Platform Feature Expectations

The BBM app has an upcoming multi-platform and is expected to have a feature of one-on-one or multi-person chats, with a voice note sharing, and a group file sharing. There are also unannounced features, but it will soon be in the detail.

If approved by Google and Apple, the BBM app will be widely available for a free in the App Store as well as the Google Play store. iDevices running iOS 6 will be compatible with The Verge notes and later and with the Android devices version 4.0 running software and above.

The Blackberry Company is starting to introduce the top features that will make people pleased and satisfied.

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