Nokia Presents New Metallic Smartphone, Stock Falls

Sara Cunningham May 17, 2013 0
Nokia Presents New Metallic Smartphone, Stock Falls

Nokia Corp, one of the largest companies revealed its first Smartphone that has a metal cover and low-light camera features with new social network apps. Nokia wanted to impress people from their newly invented metallic idea, however, the model has failed to impress the investors. Thos investors sent the stock down of the company up to 5 %.

Nokia Presents New Metallic Smartphone 2

Getting Closer for Nokia Lumia 920

Lumia 925 has been around for quite some time. It has a lighter and slimmer appearance with a flagship Lumia 920. Even though, not stated its whole specifications, the experts and authorities from the Nokia Company will soon be available in the Windows 8 range. According to Nokia, the 8.7 megapixel camera, which can take photos in snaps at 10 and in low light conditions, will be included. It also allows sharing on different social networks, and that includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr and Foursquare. This is one of the great features, which teenagers love. According to the source, if popular social networks are incorporated in the features, all things will increase because people love to connect with friends from time to time.

The Availability of Nokia Lumia 925

According to Nokia Corp, the new model has the price tag of 470 Euros, just about $610. This price is before subsidies or taxes.  The price is believed to be higher, so some people are wishing it to be offered sooner or later at completely lower amount. The newly innovated model, Lumia 925 will be on sale next month in Europe and China, and it will be throughout the USA by one of the largest carrier, T-Mobile.

The Decline

On Tuesday, research firm of Gartner said, that the mobile phone share of Nokia has dropped points, approximately 4.9% during the first quarter for the year 2013. This is mainly due to a decline in phone sales features. It has been said that its Smartphone sales have suffered even more, and have dropped its place into tenth position. This is disappointing for Nokia because previously, it was an 8th place.

The sales of Nokia Smartphone have suffered too much; it dropped in the previous quarter.  The share price of Nokia closes down even more. According to Helsinki Stock Exchange, the price has closed down for more than 5% at 2.79 euros.  Due to this suffering and droppings, Nokia Company is on track planning their next move to bring back the top times. The latest news will be updated as soon as their decision has been finalized.

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