Microsoft Surface Pro and Windows 8: The Review

Sara Cunningham May 18, 2013 0

If you are currently searching an ultrabook that runs everything, then you will find an ultrabook , however, the price tag is higher when you compare it to Android and iPad models, thus, it also lacks built-in office RT models.

Pros and Cons

Just like others, the Microsoft Surface Pro comes with pros and cons. The pros are to have a bright touch screen, compatibility of windows 8 with a good performance. The cons are its shorter battery life, bulky in appearance and heavy in weight, the office is not built-in and the price is really expensive for tablet pricing category.

Microsoft Surface Pro and Windows 8 1

The Date of Release

The Microsoft Pro tablet is actually to come in UK. The release of US last February was exceptional. According to the Redmond firm, it was sold out in hours. As it launched last year, the Surface RT tablet did not go well in the UK. However, with a more powerful and prevailing system that runs as the full version of Windows 8, it is without a doubt that the Surface Pro will attract more users in the business. In the UK, the Microsoft Surface Pro is still coming. The report is to release in May. 23.

 Design and Build

When you remove the Surface Pro from its packaging, most users were amazed by its first-class form. They state that the Microsoft has done a great job in creating a device that do not only comes with a stylish edge design with brushed-metal, dark titanium chassis, but also creates a well-built form that possess a strong quality, which gives an everlasting impression. For instance, grabbing each tablet and twist it in the opposite directions, there was no giving up of the chassis, with this model, it remains exceptionally inflexible throughout. Consequently, the Surface Pro would present a luminous device for travelling and portability.

When we talk about its size, the Surface Pro is bulky, especially due to its predecessor. The Surface RT has a thickness of 9.3mm. Its most current rival, the Tablet 2 Lenovo ThinkPad has a thickness of 9.8mm. The model is heavy for a tablet since it weighs 907g compared with to ThinkPad 2’s 600g and RT’s 676g. Nonetheless, its thickness adds sturdiness and heaviness. A slimmer design would be better for travelling.

Let us all be thankful to the heavy promotion and marketing of Microsoft which drive into the Surface RT last year. This has been one of the most documented features and perhaps the most kickstand.

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