Galaxy S4: Its Other Features Aren’t Always Better

Sara Cunningham May 18, 2013 0
Galaxy S4: Its Other Features Aren’t Always Better

Every day, we are faced with numerous issues about the technology and innovations from the largest companies. However, not all people can point out as to which actually is the best one and that which would suit their needs at best, not unless when they read every single detail and understands its values. Admit it, not all of us know what it actually means because we are not all ITs or Engineering graduates. Samsung has been the leading company of Smartphone category. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a newly released version, it has been reported that it comes with numerous features and that most people are pleased about it. However, there are reports regarding this issue, stating that other features are somewhat useful and optional while others are completely useless!

Other Samsung Galaxy S4 Features Aren’t Always Better 3

The Larger Screen of Galaxy S4

Samsung’s Galaxy S III is a sweet Android Smartphone ever! Debatably, it is the best among its generation. So, if you have been wondering what Samsung could do to significantly push the cover in the Galaxy S 4 at the moment is the availability of the major carriers (AT&T and Sprint ) and will soon be offered at other huge carriers (T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless). After all, the last 2 models of Apple, which are the iPhone 4S and 5, have not changed the whole world, despite each edition had great changes and additions. For Apple, it is believed that the iPhone 4 was the only life-changer, just like the Galaxy S 3 in Samsung.

The Significant Reviews

It has been reviewed that the Galaxy S 4 is a better device than the S III. There are pleasant enhancements to the S 4, but then when it comes to additional features, most of them are baked and are completely useless. The best about the S 4 is its large screen, so if you know someone who desires to have a large screen Android, might as well recommend the S 4 for him or her.

The Hardware Capacities

The Galaxy S 4 has bragged other hardware features compared to the S III. Certainly, the processor faster, not like other processing components. Its rear camera comes with 13 megapixels, which means larger file sizes and more pixels (better image). The image quality is analogous to iPhone 5’s 8-megapixel camera.

What you really observe as a user, is its capacity to use both the rear and front cameras concurrently, which is a cool trick for documentary photo videos and essays, which are called dual-shot mode. The editing tools also are available and sophisticated. It is believed that it has powerful features.

To wrap it all up, the S 4 is a smart innovation, however there are reports that some features are just useless. But despite these issues, nothing can change its additional important features which are believed to be exceptional compares to S 3 and Apple’s iPhone 4 and 5.

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