The Release of Microsoft Surface Pro on May 30!

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The Release of Microsoft Surface Pro on May 30!

Months ago, one of the largest technology companies, the Microsoft has decided to introduce a newly invented technology to please users and consumers, people are dying to know the price of the Microsoft Surface Pro and its date of release. The company has not been friendly enough to announce the specific date due to the many reasonable points. Finally, the release of the long anticipated Surface Pro tablet has been revealed and will be out on the market out via Microsoft online, Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi, with a price that starts off $999 AU.

The Release of Microsoft Surface Pro on May 30 2

The Arrival and Availability

The Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet will be arriving in the first announced country, the Australia, later this month. Its availability can be found through Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi stores. If you do not want to buy at traditional stores, you can buy online directly at the Microsoft online store, as mentioned above. All these news are according to the blog post from the Microsoft Company written by its authorities.

Some Other Details

The seller’s Surface RT tablet, which uses an ARM CPU in opposition an Intel one, was released in Australia, just late last year. The Microsoft Surface Pro is a more powerful tablet that was geared toward the business users. Both 10.8 inch tablets will run on its latest operating system in Windows 8, however, the RT operates on a wholesome version without the access of applications to the pre-Windows 8, while the Pro utilizes complete, unrestricted edition. The Microsoft Surface Pro comes with a price at AU $999 for the AU $1,099 for the 64GB model and 128GB version.

Customers can now purchase a drape of accessories to balance and harmonize the tablet, as well. Some other countries that receive the Surface Pro at the end of May will include Hong Kong, the UK, New Zealand and Sweden. The Korea, Russia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore will have the item in the later part of June.

The Expectations

Even though, the availability of the unit is still on track and comes slowly in terms of penetration to other countries, the Company have great expectations of its sales after the release worldwide. The whole process is a great step for the company, aiming consumers to reach and experience the utmost level of satisfaction.

Overall, May. 30 have long been awaited by most people, and the expected sales of the company are to increase and will reach to the top!

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